Your Community Copilot

Sift AI is an AI-powered community experience platform that helps you understand and manage conversations across your channels


Sift offers at-a-glance data on how your community is doing — analyzing trends in growth, engagement, satisfaction, and everything in between.

AI Insights

Use AI and ML to summarize, categorize, evaluate, and extract key details from every conversation in your community to improve user experiences.

Community Native Support

Respond to your users efficiently and effectively with enterprise-class support ticketing – right inside of your community channels.

Community Q&A

Empower users to self-serve and get answers to questions in your community with our AI-powered Q&A bot.

The Key to Your Community Experience

Sift AI helps you build a world-class community by enabling you to understand who your users are, what they’re talking about, and what they need from you.



Our Passion is Helping Communities Flourish

We created Sift to give you a practical, easy-to-use tool that leverages the power of AI for better community experience management. In this day and age, organizations are either leveraging AI or falling behind. Run your next-gen community with Sift AI.

Understand Your Members

Become a fly on the wall in your own community! Listen to the buzz around your brand and turn those conversations into timely answers, blogs, and more.

Empower Community Success

By capturing key insights and enabling faster support, we set the foundation for efficient community operations and long-term member loyalty.

✨ The Sift Sparkle ✨

As a community leader, you care deeply about what people are discussing today, as well as how active, engaged, and satisfied they are. Sift is your community copilot that turns qualitative conversational data points into actionable quantitative insights. In other words, Sift makes community management magical!

Integrate with Existing Workflows

Sift includes bidirectional integrations with all key community channels and places where your team works. See an important trending question on Discord? Respond easily from Slack.

Automate Your Reporting

Sift integrates with and tracks all of your communities in one place and lets you share what’s happening with your whole team.

Rich Conversation Histories

Sift stores rich chat and support ticket history to build user profiles so you can see everything a user has said or done in your community.

Classifications, Declassified

Understand how your users are feeling and the types of conversations across your communities with custom tags and topics, making your community even more relevant to your business.

... and more!


Bring Your
Communities Together

Sift is built for your community — seamlessly integrating your audiences’ conversations and tools in one convenient place.
Your Community Copilot

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Bring your community to the next level with Sift AI – helping you understand and manage everything across channels.
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